What: My first published novel

When: September 2018

Where: Hyderabad, India (But has a presence across 95 stores in 33 cities nationally)

Why: Writing has been my lifelong passion! 

About the book: Inside a Body is a children’s fiction novel about three insect best friends who venture out of their colony but accidentally get trapped in a human’s body. Will they be able to make it out alive and return to their friends and family, or perish in the depths of impenetrable darkness?



The Challenge: Socially starved college students are returning to campus and saying “f*ck it” to COVID-19 safety regulations.

The Insight: College students don’t want to go back to their high school bedrooms again. They want to stay on campus with their friends and can’t afford to lose out on any more college experiences.

The Solution: Use relatable language to convey COVID-19 information and provide helpful resources in a humorous, eye-catching way so college students understand the importance of being responsible and doing their part in slowing the spread of the virus.


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