In 2011, I began a short story about three insect friends who end up trapped in a human’s body. My 11-year-old’s crazy vision was completed 7 years later when I decided to rewrite and complete the tale. What started out as a silly narrative turned into a 100-page children’s fiction book: Inside a Body.

The entire process of typing up several drafts, becoming completely paralyzed by writer’s block, tying up loose ends of the plot, and laughing, crying, and stumbling with my characters made me realize what an intense undertaking writing a novel was.

There were times when I felt overwhelmed by the idealistic visions I had for this book in my mind, my perfectionist tendencies shading every effort to give life to the story, and I would be tempted to stop writing, editing, and proofreading my work. But I persevered, and two years later, I’m glad I did, because if I hadn’t continued, I wouldn’t be able to call myself a published author.

To say I learnt a lot through publishing this book would be an understatement. I interacted with experts on illustration, proofreading, and design. I dabbled in design software to create flyers and banners. I educated myself on social media marketing to build an online presence for my book. And perhaps most challenging of all, I grappled with my stage fear to host book readings, be interviewed on a radio talkshow, and network with people to promote my book. The process of writing and publishing this book gave me so many opportunities to grow as a person. 

A book reading session I hosted in school




Inside a Body is the story of three tiny insect friends who set out on a brave journey that unwittingly catapults into a wild misadventure that might cost them everything they ever know. They’re bold, adventurous, and smart, and will take their readers on a rollercoaster filled with friendship, love, and sacrifice.