Marketing through Brand Experiences: Why it Works

Let’s face it–COVID-19 has disrupted a lot of traditional marketing techniques. Although it may seem as though once the pandemic dies down, these methods are going to resuscitate, the truth couldn’t be farther away. Brands… View Post

The Cultural Narrative of Female Friendships Needs to Change

Why popular movies and books need to revise their portrayal of female friendships to empower women instead of dragging them down.

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Ads: The Fine Line Between Creativity and Insensitivity

How the advertising industry grapples with carefully treading the line that separates creativity from insensitivity.

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My Experience With Writer’s Block

A reflection of how I dealt with almost five years of writer’s block and how it impacted my identity as an author.

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Ad Review: Dumb Ways to Die

A review of Metro Trains Melbourne’s viral PSA campaign that aimed to raise awareness about rail safety.

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