Natural Skincare Solutions I Swear By

Natural Skincare Solutions I Swear By

Natural Skincare Solutions I Swear By

You wake up from a night’s sleep that lasted a bit too long and groggily plod to the bathroom. You look into the mirror– and shriek in pure horror as a zit on your nose the size of Mars stares back at you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Perfect skin is not something many people can claim to have. I was around 14 years old when I realized that my dry skin wasn’t just something I could shrug off anymore: it was ruining my face, my body, and my hair. Worst of all, it was messing with my self-confidence. I was tired of scraping the bottoms of dozens of jars as I searched for a moisturizer thick enough to hydrate my face. Every time I reached to scratch my face, I felt like I was taking out half my skin with me as dry flakes rained down on me like some sort of grotesque personal cloud. My skin was as dull and lifeless as my 10 year old sister sitting through math class. In short, I was every dermatologist’s nightmare.

That’s when something unexpected came to my rescue: natural ingredients. My mother swore by it, recounting tales of how they gave her extraordinary results when she was younger. I was a lot more skeptical, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and slathered on a paste that looked like it was going to give me more problems than it was going to solve. I lounged around a little anxiously for about 15 minutes before washing it off and rushing hurriedly to the mirror.

My jaw dropped. My skin was so hydrated that it was practically dewy. I touched my face gingerly, expecting rough, flaky layers, but instead my fingers came back smooth. I couldn’t believe it– after all these years, the solution lay in the overflowing shelves of my kitchen. Ever since then, I’ve loyally stuck to natural ingredients, and they’ve never let me down– not even once.

And so I’d like to impart the knowledge I’ve gained through all these years of experimenting with natural ingredients to the general public (I know, I’m generous that way). Below you will find a list of ingredients specific to each skin problem, all tried and tested by yours truly.


Milk has been a longtime staple of mine. It’s a natural face cleaner (which is also why it’s used in many cleansing products) because it helps remove stubborn layers of grime from your skin. It’s also a great moisturizer, so people with dry skin can use milk as a pretreatment to cleansing. I personally recommend freezing milk into cubes to use on your face whenever you need a quick boost of hydration.


I could go on and on about honey. It’s a natural exfoliator as well as an anti-acne treater. It heals acne scars, clears uneven skin tone, and controls fine lines and wrinkles. Bonus: it also tastes good. I use honey to treat my dry skin, and it works so well that on some days I even skip my daily moisturizer. Honey and aloe vera also work together to treat sunburn. Best of all? Unlike your ex, it actually likes it when you call it honey.

Potato Juice

Ah, the humble potato. The most versatile of all vegetables. My stomach just can’t get enough potato, and apparently neither can my skin. Potato juice works like a charm to get rid of those pesky eye bags you got after binging a whole season of Dark in one night. Its skin tightening properties help with lines, wrinkles, and dark spots on your face. Applied regularly enough, potato juice can make your skin shine brighter than any highlighter out there (although I can’t guarantee the sparkle).


If I had to rank all the natural ingredients I’ve ever used, oats would probably come in at first place. Oats soak up excess oil and act as an antioxidant. Its anti-inflammatory properties help battle acne and dry skin. It also helps with blackheads by unclogging your pores. In fact, oats and honey are dry skin’s worst nightmare– combine these two for an ultra moisturizing pick up that’ll leave your skin smoother than your bald uncle’s head.

Lemon Juice

The fruit version of a social media detox, lemons help cleanse and purify your system. They’re high in vitamin C and owe their detoxifying properties to their acidic nature. Lemons also help with acne, inflammation, and blackheads. I remember the lemon juice on my skin caused my skin to tingle and burn (not in an unpleasant way), but this is just the acidic nature of the fruit working its magic on your skin. Although, be warned: people with sensitive skin should avoid lemons, as some side effects for this skin type include dryness, redness, and itchiness.

Although it may take time for results to show, using natural ingredients is a surefire way to treat your skin safely. Once you start noticing the difference, however, you’ll never be able to stop. All these ingredients should readily be available in your kitchen– that’s the point of using them– but if not, it won’t take too long to go buy them from a local grocery store. And the best part is they cost about a quarter of how much you’d spend on a jar of cream (which is just a bunch of chemicals in fancy packaging, by the way).

So what are you waiting for? Get off your laptop, grab your ingredients, and give your skin some love!

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