How to Manage Online Classes

How to Manage Online Classes

How to Manage Online Classes

If your college or university has declared a completely online semester due to the Coronavirus pandemic, or if you’ve chosen to attend classes remotely, you’re most probably going to be spending a lot more time with your laptop than ever before. And if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering how that’s going to impact your wellbeing. As the beginning of a new academic year inches closer and closer, it’s best to revamp your lifestyle habits to suit your new virtual life. Here are my top tips on managing online classes while keeping your sanity intact!

Assign Screen-down Time

This one’s the most important habit to build into your schedule. With classes, assignments, and teamwork now all converted to an online format, your eyes will be exposed to harmful artificial blue light (the emission from screens) for hours at a stretch. To keep your eyes from burning out, stow your electronics away for at least an hour and spend time doing less eye-strenuous activities. You can also practice eye exercises that help strengthen the eyeball or pamper your eyes by giving them a cucumber treatment.

Make Time for Hobbies

In college, the first thing I would do after a long day of classes was meet my friends. But since we’re all at home now, away from friends, it’s important to balance your studies with something that gives you a break from the intense academic environment you’re in all day. You can make use of the time at home to explore forgotten hobbies, or even try to make new ones. There are plenty of online classes that teach new skills (I personally recommend Masterclass; it has classes instructed by industry experts and leaders), and it never hurts to be able to say you picked up a new talent during a pandemic!

Go Out (Safely)

Picturesque rocks my friends and I discovered near an apartment building in Hyderabad, India

I love going out. It’s what I missed the most during lockdown. But if your area isn’t under a government mandated lockdown, it doesn’t hurt to go out for a short walk or a run. Going out and being with nature can refresh you and do wonders for your wellbeing. Although it may be a lengthier process now, don’t skip it! All you have to do is wear a mask, carry a bottle of sanitizer, and maintain social distancing. You can even grab a quick bite to eat if the restaurants near you are open.

Plan Out Your Schedule

Now that your bed is two feet away from your virtual classroom, it can be tempting to slack off and postpone schoolwork. During times like these, a timetable works best. Section off blocks of your day for work, fun, and exercise. And the most important part: don’t forget to give yourself enough time to sleep! Separating activities into a distinct timetable will help bring a sense of stability to your days and make you feel like you’re still in college, following a schedule of classes.

Have a Support System

In the hurry and stress of what will eventually end up becoming your schooldays, it can be easy to forget to keep in touch with your friends and family. I always say the most ironic thing about phones is that they distanced us from our loved ones when in fact they were supposed to keep us closer, and this couldn’t be truer in the pandemic. Sending a friendly message to that one friend you didn’t talk to since lockdown began, or baking a cake for your neighbor, will not only make you come out of your little bubble at home but will also help you build deeper connections with people and create a support system for you that you can depend on in times of need.

The online semester is going to be filled with challenges, tests, and dropped connections. Think of it as a way to push your (and your wifi’s) limits. And never forget that you’re not alone– the whole world is going through the same thing! All you have to do is be responsible, determined, and cautious, and things will go back to normal before you know it.

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